About the Young Urban

Hey! I’m Trevor Turner, the one behind the small men’s clothing venture the Young Urban in SL. So I’ve decided to start my own blog after becoming a fashion blog addict and having browsed through a whole lot of them that are already out there. I don’t claim to know anything about blogging though and have no idea how long this impulse will last (*Edit* Apparently it’s lasted a while already).

So this blog as been evolving slightly over time. Originally it was a kinda for fun whatever blog which morphed into a male fashion blog and now again has morphed into a male/female fashion blog. Hallie Galli has decided to come on board and do blog posts with me which is cool because blogging with someone else is a lot more fun than on my own. So please NOTE! If you are sending blogger preview of lingerie direct them to Hallie Galli and not me!

If you’ve got any questions or comments feel free to IM myself or HG in world or here on the blog. See ya round!

PS If you wanna check out my store, click here!

11 Responses to “About the Young Urban”

  1. Woot nice blog❤

  2. thanks for the link back❤

  3. I did not know you are blogging Trevor – I added you to MAD Image today – Designers and Male Fashion Blogs – keep up a good work

  4. Great Blog Trevor! Very impressive! I just had to restart mine, hope you don’t mind, I added you as a link!

  5. I love with you blog i was wonder where u got the furniture in the picture of yall in the living room I THINK IM IN LOVE WITH IT!!

  6. Really cool blog, I have made a link to it on my blog SL Fashion Rystyle and I would love for you to add a link back to mine.

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