On Trev:

Hair: Kenny by Bryce
Glasses: Park Shades by Reek
Skin: Daniel by LAQ
Shirt: Checked BD Shirt by KiToS
Watch: Date Bank by ARAI
Pants: Low Rise Chinos Coal by Armidi Limited
Shoes: PornStar Lo-Tops by Urban Bomb Unit

~ by Trevor Turner on August 18, 2010.

5 Responses to “Enchanted”

  1. Hey trevor ^^
    Very Cool Shape🙂 It’s your personnal shape or you buy it? It’s for my boyfriend🙂
    ty ^^

  2. oh ok. Thank you . But Could you advise me stores shapes for men?. I would like something not very muscular, nor too large. My boyfriend is on style rather vintage, urban and retro. If you have an idea ? thank a lot😉

  3. yes, Trevor do you have a base shape you can send in world? I read on the slipsters blog that James sent a base shape to someone, would you be able to do that?

  4. @ Lolly I’m sorry I don’t really know what to recommend in terms of shape stores since I never shop for them myself. I would suggest going to some of the skin stores since they usually have shapes on sale too.

    @ Justin Send me an IM in world and I’ll see what I can do.

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