Slap Happy

On Trev:

Hat: Waterbeck Hat by Theosophy
Hair: Calm by Epoque Hair
Glasses: The Blues by Mustache
Skin: Ocean 1.1 Pale by Zoobong (Group Gift)
Scarf: Tegryn Summer Scarf by Theosophy
Jacket: Spring Suit by ARAI
Shirt: My ripped tshirt by Milk Motion
Pants: Chino Pants by ARAI
Shoes: Easy Strider by House of Curios

On Hallie:
Hair:  Chicka2 Onyx by D!va
Skin:  Plain Jane Dot to Dot by Mynerva (I LOVE THIS SKIN SO MUCH)
Dress:  Paito Dress Navy by Tee*fy
Shoes:  City Wedges Nudes by Kookie
Ring:  Cubic Ring G by SELFiSH (I don’t think it exists anymore)

Poses:   SLAPFEST!  PROPOSERS Hunt Gift by Olive Juice <33333

~ by Trevor Turner on July 19, 2010.

5 Responses to “Slap Happy”

  1. Hi Hallie Galli

  2. Keep that pimp hand strong!❤

  3. bad hallie😄

  4. lol❤ ty!

  5. Nice! Marvellous blog, congratulations!🙂

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