Blue Ridge Mountains

On Trev:

Hat: Amigo Hat by DP yumyum
Hair: Zen274 by booN
Glasses: Park Shades by Reek
Skin: Daniel by LAQ
Jacket: Jacket open type by NINIKOBOY
Shirt: I❤ Plaid Dennis by Thimbles
Jeans: Denim #4 by Emery
Boots: Atlas’ Marker Boot by Adjunct

On Hallie:
Skin:  Ember Fate  by Pink Fuel
Hair:  Brande Paranoid Black by
Necklace:  Secret Garden Locket by Yummy
Shirt:  Messed up old tank by FD
Shorts:  Shorts black (part of Strapless Floral Outfit) by Tres Blah
Bag:  Birger bag/amphibia by Lelutka
Shoes:  Suede Sandal by +*AA*+

Pose:  dfo

~ by Trevor Turner on June 23, 2010.

3 Responses to “Blue Ridge Mountains”

  1. Hi Trevor, i’m curious again as to how you made the hat fit onto the hair. Did you have to edit the individual strands of hair again?

  2. thanks again!

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