Wrapped up in Books

On Trev:

Hair: Kenny by Bryce
Glasses: Junior Shades by Reek
Skin: Daniel by LAQ
Vest: Cheese Shop Sweater Vest Red by Young Urban
Shirt: Ordinary Boy by Pig
Tie: Bow Tie Red Gingham by Adjunct
Shorts: Shorts by Emery
Belt: Belt from Vintage Denim by Aoharu
Shoes: Docker Shoes by Hoorenbeek

On Hallie:
Skin:  Skye Beestung:  Pink Fuel
Hair:   Paula Chocolate by Truth
Shirt:  Where is Line GRAY by *eha
Tank:  Romantic Cami Grandma Flower by Oyakin
Shorts:  Gaucho Vintage by BP*
Shoes: pentanko cross cmael by [ON]  (store closed)

~ by Trevor Turner on June 5, 2010.

2 Responses to “Wrapped up in Books”

  1. You posers. I’m the one wrapped up in books😛

  2. Thanks for your link, linked you back😀 great blog!❤

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