Strangers in the Wind

Thank you to Mel for taking all the pictures!! You are awesome!

On Trev:

Hat: Rude Boy Hat by Kari
Skin: Daniel by LAQ
Ears: Piggy Stretched Ear by Aitui
Shirt: Striped Loose Shirt by Reek
Shorts & Belt: Rollup Jeans Red by NINIKO
Shoes: Docker Shoes by Hoorenbeek

On Mel:
Hair:  Chiko Orange by *eha
Skin:  Hiccup Light Skin Painted Lady by tb  (previously for DU)
Shirt:  Part of the Evelyn Dress by Lark
Jeans:  Kitty Jeans Rust by =KF=
Shoes:  Party Time Chucks by AyYaiYai

On Hallie:
Hair:  Hair132 by W&Y
Skin:  Taylor Natural by League
Shirt:  Fleurir(pink) by **nikukyu**
Shorts:  Shack Shorts Dark by Surf Couture
Shoes:  Oaks by Kookie

~ by Trevor Turner on May 19, 2010.

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