Autobahn Music Box

This awesome sports jacket is from a new store called Kapanga. They’ve got a whole bunch of shorts and sweatpants as well which are worth checking out.

On Trev:

Hair: Bec by EGO
Glasses: Denton Shades by Reek
Skin: Jude Autumn by PXL
Jacket: OTin sport jacket – I by Kapanga
Tshirt: Retro Tee Red by [name pending]
Belt: Belt from Vintage Denim Jeans by Aoharu
Jeans: Jeans Black #302 by Meriken Co.
Shoes: Drunks by Urban Bomb Unit

Pose: Dismorph

~ by Trevor Turner on April 17, 2010.

4 Responses to “Autobahn Music Box”

  1. Omggg imagine you posing in my house blogging, without me even knowing about it! Jeez might aswell set up a tent you practically live there haha

  2. Dude, you live in my skybox wtf are you talking about lol

  3. good job

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