Pose Fair – Dismorph

I was going to title this a preview, but I think the pose fair starts today so this really wouldn’t be that much of a preview. I’m just too slow to get my shit together and post this any sooner. Anyways, these are a couple of new guys poses from Dismorph which I think are awesome! There is a real lack of good male poses out there so it’s a real treat when you can find some good ones. Everyone should head on down to the Pose Fair and check it out!

Oh and I super love this new jacket from Meriken Co. It’s kinda awesome.

On Trev:

Hair: Bec by EGO
Glasses: Denton Shades by Reek
Skin: The Conjurer by Aitui
Jacket: Rhett Black by Meriken Co.
Caridgan: Hansel Cardigan Emeraldenvy by !Ohmai
Shirt: Cornflower Oxford Shirt by Schadenfreude
Jeans: Lowrise jeans01 by NINIKOBOY
Shoes: Janova by Kalnins

~ by Trevor Turner on April 2, 2010.

One Response to “Pose Fair – Dismorph”

  1. haha, yes i agree : )
    well, im not a guy, but dismorph definitely makes one of the best male-poses around the grid here – in my eyes =)!

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