Hallie Galli: Zoomygod I love running it makes me happy in my pants!

I have no idea what inspired this random burst of exercise….oh wait a minute now I remember it was this awesome new hoodie I got from Paranoid. I kinda love it and so should you.

On Trev:

Hair: Banged brown by Shag
Skin: The Conjurer Skin by Aitui
Hoodie: OKURA Hoody by Paranoid
Under Shirt: Argyle knit brown by ARAI
Shorts: Swim Trunks Black by PixelDolls
Socks: Wool Socks by Surf Co. (Down the Chimney Hunt)
Shoes: SL Balance Shoes by Hoorenbeek

Run: ?
Pose: Dismorph

On Hallie:

Skin:  Tres Blah – Hiccup Tan Skin – Swoon
Hair: – Cassie – Paranoid Black
Vest:  Aoharu – Down Vest – White
Shirt:  Arai – Long T Pocket – gray
Pants:  *MIU* sweatpants – khaki
Sneakers:  Hoorenbeek – SL balance – Grey/black
Inhaler:  RC  Cluster – EZ Breeve Inhaler

Run:  Akeyo
Pose:  Flowey

~ by Trevor Turner on February 11, 2010.

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