Hangover Breakfast

It’s January 2nd and Hallie and I are still hung over….ok well not really but we’re just lazy and didn’t feel like changing out of PJs before going for a diner meal at the new Tableau sim. Anyways, we’re both wearing Emma Gilmour’s Courtyard slippers which are super cozy. Also! I really really love these wool socks by Emma as well that were in the Down the Chimney Hunt.


On Hallie:

Skin:  Curio:  Sundust Frex Dark Winter – Sniffles
Hair/Hat:  (fd) Mary’s Magic Hat — Nothingness
Jacket:  KiiTos – Sweat Donky  Coat – Navy
Pants:   UnToneQuilt*puchidabopan (charcoal)
Socks:  BomBon socks L003
Gloves:  Twosome – Gatcha Gloves grey
Slippers:  Surf Couture – Courtyard Slippers – Original

On Trev:

Hat & Hair: Jim hair by Surf Co.
Skin: John Paine by Signature Skin Labs
Jacket: Tailored JAcket black by Aoharu
Shirt: Baseball Tees by Aitui
Pants: Candy Cane Long Johns by Doppleganger Inc.
Socks: Wool Socks by Surf Co. (Down the Chimney Hunt)
Shoes: Courtyard slippers by Surf Co.

~ by Trevor Turner on January 2, 2010.

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