The High Party


So I’m not doing a SL costume thing because I’m lame/lazy and don’t feel like finding one. I’ve always hated having to come up with halloween costumes so why subject myself to that stress in SL too? However, I do love the candy and will be all over the day after sales tomorrow, mark my words. Anyways here’s an outfit..


Hair: Crew DB by MADesigns Hair (moded)
Skin: Jude Autumn Face00 by PXL
Glasses: DUBOO*S’s glasses by DUBOO*S’s glasses
Cardigan: Men’s Knit Flap Cardigan Black by Nylon
Shirt: Masculine Gingham Red/White by Pig
Pants: Formal pants II Autumn by Alphamale (MHOH2)
Shoes: Snugs Smoke Grey by Kookie

~ by Trevor Turner on October 31, 2009.

4 Responses to “The High Party”

  1. this is cute🙂 i really like this cardigan❤

  2. Love those cardigans!!!

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