Rainy Day


As odd as it may seem, since moving out East I have been feeling slightly nostalgic for the wet West coast weather. I do really miss the rain sometimes. Anyways I got these awesome gumboots…or rainboots whichever you prefer to call them from the lovely Emma Glimour of Surf Couture the other day and had to do a rainy day post. Ok so it probably looks more like a spring showers post than an autumn rain but whatever! Ignore that. Anyways, go pick up some rainboots! It may require a little moding for guys but it’s well worth it, trust me!

Also for those of you that don’t know the Make Him Over Hunt 2 is going on right now. I’ve picked up a few items already a few of which I’m featuring in this post. You can go to the official blog to get more details and hints.


Hat: Pork Pie Hat by Hell Bop (MHOH2)
Hair: Edward liquorice by Novocaine
Skin: Mathieu med 0-E by Belleza
Shirt & Vest: Knit Vest + Shirt checked by INDI (MHOH2)
Umbrella: Swinging Umbrellas by Surf Couture
Shorts: Yacht Club shorts by Whippet & Buck (MHOH)
Socks: Socks Black Suspenders by Hell Bop (MHOH2)
Boots: Rain Boots Green by Surf Couture

~ by Trevor Turner on October 19, 2009.

4 Responses to “Rainy Day”

  1. aw i like this😀
    gonna have to go do the MHOH2 now lawl i hope it hasn’t finishedddddddd D:

  2. Watch out, there are 174 stores in the hunt! You could be at it for a while.

  3. SERIOUSLY cute pics! The green boots make me smile! (runs off to buy some)❤

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