Lucas, author of a new very cool blog Skbio (which you should all check out), told me to check out his friend’s store Inone which I gladly did. There are a whole bunch of really great guys items there which I really love. This is only one outfit and I meant to post a few more with this post but I just didn’t have the time this morning. So you’ll have to make do with this for now. But you should all go check out Inone!

Oh and I really love this bracelet by 19 Motorcycle. I had it in one of my previous posts and forgot to mention it. It’s got some amazing detail and is just super cool.


Hair: Hungover black tones by epoque
Skin:Steve Law Light Chin Beard by The Abyss
Shirt: Sweater w/Shirt Classic 03 by Inone
Bracelet: 19 Chain bracelet by 19 Motorcycle
Pants: *IS* Tweek Pant D Brown by Inone
Shoes: Test boots by Rot

~ by Trevor Turner on August 27, 2009.

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