Me and the Major

This awesome military jacket is a new release from Curiosity which I really love. I’ve been looking for jackets or shirts with prim shoulder strappy things forever and now I’ve finally got a jacket with them! I just realized you can’t really see them in these pics but trust me they’re there. I also really love these boots by Rot. Go pick up a pair!


Hair: Kavi black by Novocaine
Skin: Mathieu med 4-E by Belleza
Glasses: Aviator Style Glasses by House of Curios
Toothpick: Toothpick by Calypso Giano
Jacket: Military Jacket by Curiosity
Jeans: Denim #4 by Emery
Boots: Test boots by Rot

~ by Trevor Turner on August 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “Me and the Major”

  1. ohhh you’ll like the military jacket from Valiant then

  2. Have they reopened yet? I have been waiting impatiently.

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