In my Reality Nature Wins

For those of you that don’t know me I would probably call myself a bit of an environmentalist, but those of you that do know me probably just call me a hippie. Anyways, that being said I really love the theme of this tshirt by Newreem Waffle…a forest growing out of a city. You should all go out and check out her cute little store, DUBOO!


Hat: Fedora Buckle (Hounds) by O&N
Hair: Blown chocolate by SHAG (modified)
Shirt: Nature vs City tee by DUBOO
Pants: MOMOGE (peach skin) Navy by Meriken Co.
Shoes: Snugs Smoked Grey by Kookie

~ by Trevor Turner on August 21, 2009.

4 Responses to “In my Reality Nature Wins”

  1. 32 houndsteeth had to die for that hat

  2. lol @ jewnas’s comment!
    and the t-shirt is relly good on you❤

  3. Haha @ Jewnas Bros

    Thanks! @ Newreem

  4. Love that hat!

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