Blue Light

I just discovered this new hair from Epoque and kinda wanted to buy them all!! But I limited myself to one for now. I also got these sculptie ears and plugs from Aitui which i love. You can change the skin colour, plug texture and size with a drop down menu.  They come with 4 different plug textures which is cool and you can even mix and match different box sets if you want. This awesome sculptie jacket is from Fishy Strawberry and has some really cool detailing with things in the pockets and you can also change the texture and size of it with a drop down menu. So many options!!


Hair: Hungover – black tones by epoque hair
Ears: Gauged Ears Plug Case Designs #1 by Aitui
Shirt: Baseball Tee Black by Reek
Tattoo 1: Showing Heart by Addict
Tattoo2: Vintage Hawaii faded by Aitui
Cuff: Leather Bracelet by +grasp+ (Free group gift)
Jacket: Waist Jacket by Fishy Strawberry
Shorts: Amsterdam Shorts by Doppleganger Inc.
Shoes: PornStar Hi-Tops by Urban Bomb Unit

~ by Trevor Turner on August 16, 2009.

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