I recently got these new glasses from primOptic and kinda love them alot. All their glasses are scripted so you can change the frame colours and lenses (there’s tonnes of options its overwhelming!) There are alsom some nifty gadget scripts in them that let you see if someone who’s not on your friend’s list is online and a 90m scanner. There are a bunch more options as well. Anyways they’re pretty awesome so you should go pick up a pair! Or check out what else they have.


Hair: Cateye by Dejavu (tinted and modified)
Glasses: Carat by primOptic
Scarf: Shorditch scarf black white by The Dogs
Pencil: Ear/Nose Pencil by Reek
Jacket: Classic Pinstripe Blazer by Armidi
Shirt: Deep Neck T Neon Blue by Young Urban
Belt: Plain white belt by Kari
Pants: Denim #4 by Emery
Shoes: Drunks by Urban Bomb Unit

~ by Trevor Turner on August 10, 2009.

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