Young Folks

Alright I’m sorry for the lack of posting lately, I was away for the weekend. I feel like I’ve been neglecting my duties but realistically I doubt anyone has even noticed. Anyways, I’m kind of behind on new release news and I’m sure most of you have all already heard of the massive Reek New Releases but for those of you that haven’t here are a few things that you definitely have to go get! It’s a total flashback to my youth.


Hair: Savage chocolate by Shag
Pencils: Ear/Nose Pencils by Reek
Shirt 1: Baseball Tee Sky Blue/Brown by Reek
Shirt 2: Hidden Temple – Red Jaguars by Reek
Shorts: RollUp Denim Black by NINIKOBOY
Jar: Firefly Jars by Reek
Tiger: Huggable & Hanging Hobbes by Reek

~ by Trevor Turner on July 27, 2009.

3 Responses to “Young Folks”

  1. I noticed, but I’m happy you had some weekend fun. ;)(Hopefully it was fun!) I love the new Reek stuff… I have the little red wagon and I’m going to get more.

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