Biker Boy

So I discovered this Motor Head helmet from the Hat Mechanic the other day at the opening of Elliott and just had to have it cuz it’s so freakin awesome. I love it. It comes in a clean and dirty version with goggles around your neck or on your face as well as with a dust mask so you really get a lot for what you pay for. I am also kinda obessed with these skinny jeans from Emery, I think they’re my new fav pair.


Helmet & Goggles: Motor Head Silver Blue by Hat Mechanic
Hair: Kavi licorice by Novocaine
Jacket: Leather Jacket black by ARAI
Wristband: Cosmopolitan wristband pack – French Wristband by Emery
Belt: Plain Brown Belt by Kari
Key chain: Bunch of Keys – Schluesselbund CJ V1.8 by PrimtroniCS
Jeans: Denim #4 by Emery
Shoes: PornStar HiTops by Urban Bomb Unit

~ by Trevor Turner on July 19, 2009.

2 Responses to “Biker Boy”

  1. i love this look!
    helmet and goggles and jacket are perfectly matched!

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