Crooked Legs


Alright so I’m doing some more blatant selfpromotion. I made these Beau Hoodies a while ago but haven’t really annouced their release. They come in some amazingly bright neon colours as well as this black version. You can check out my flickr to see the other colour versions. The red checkered shirt is from Pig and is petty awesome.


Hair: STD.GloXhair JAJAY TREND by a.C (Slightly moded – Hair Fair)
Glasses: Accessorty Glass L by Sera Freebie

Toothpick: Toothpick by Calypso Giano
Hoodie: Black Beau Hoodie by Young Urban
Shirt: Masculine Gingham Red/White by Pig
Shorts: RollUp Denim Black by NINIKOBOY
Flipflops; Freedom Flops by [SC] Surf Couture

~ by Trevor Turner on July 8, 2009.

3 Responses to “Crooked Legs”

  1. That’s really cute. I was just thinking “Oh man that hoodie is great; do I own that yet?” and then you said it was yours. I’m digging it. I’ll have to swoop by your shop soon and get one.

  2. 😀 Yay I’m glad you like it Theodore!

  3. Oh that looks great!

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