Summer’s Here!

So a friend showed me these awesome flipflops from [SC] Surf Couture the other day but they seem to fit girls a lot better than they do guys. But they looked so damn good I just had to get them anyways. So after a little moding and a few curses I was able to get them to fit just right! They’re definitely worth the time and effort, plus they’re only 150L each! They come in a whole bunch of different colours so you can have whatever your little heart desires. The shorts are from NINIKOBOY and I kinda love the big chunky belt. So go get yourself a pair of flipflops and some shorts cuz Summer’s here man!


Hair: STD.GloXhair JAJAY TREND by a.C (Slightly moded – Hair Fair)
Sprig: Sprig by BP* (Group Gift)
Glasses: 5122 by Maschienenwerk (Free)
Shirt: Koi Shirt by X’ed (JFGH)
Shorts: RollUp Denim (Blue) by NINIKOBOY
Flipflops: Freedom Flops Black by [SC] Surf Couture

~ by Trevor Turner on July 7, 2009.

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