To Infinity….and Beyond!!

Somapop is this cool store that’s got some grungy basic clothes for fairly cheap. This shirt was one of my favourites from there but there’s also a lot of other good stuff like a variety of checkered shirts that I’m a fan of.

Also this Orbiting Rocket Ship is a new release by Reek which I haven’t taken off since I got it. It’s so simple yet so highly amusing. As always Riq has kindly provided us with 3 different attachement points for the Rocket ship so as not to remove any other attachments you may have. The ship slowly orbits around your head and you can easily change the colour with the drop down menu. So succumb to peer pressure and go buy one! All the cool kids have one, you don’t want to be left out.


Hair: Delinquent Brown by The Good Life (Tinted)
Glasses: Recession Street Bargain Glasses Crustian Deoder by &Bean
Rocket ship: Orbiting Rocket Ship by Reek
Shirt: Old Striped Longsleeve by Somapop Shop
Jeans: Vintage Jeans Rolled up Cuff Dirty by Muism
Shoes: NW Chucks by Line (MHO Hunt)

~ by Trevor Turner on June 24, 2009.

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