Yay Shorts!

So ever since I saw these shorts in a bunch of other posts like over a month ago I was determined to have them but I was thwarted! Whippet & Buck (the store) were under construction and were to open on March 14th but alas things were delayed. Anyways, back to the point, it’s finally open! And I got my shorts!! I love em, they’re pretty fantastic and plus they’re plaid, how could you not love that. They also have some plain versions for those that are not quite so plaid obsessed which you can see on Stokely’s site. You get a version with the belt and without for those not a fan of textured belts. 


Hair:Deadline, Black – Gritty Kitty

T-shrit: Crestfallen Shortsleeve Tee -[Civies]

Crestfallen Shortsleeve Tee

Suspenders: Simple Black Suspenders – Pig

Shorts: Harris Tartan Shorts WEST COAST – Whippet & Buck

Shoes:PornStar Hi-Tops MultiColour v2 – Urban Bomb Unit

~ by Trevor Turner on May 6, 2009.

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